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Below we will explain how to register your Child or Children on the GCUSC Website. The process will change slightly for the following seasons by allowing direct online payment processing through PayPal. This Season we will be doing “Offline” payments, however you will be able to select your packages and see your totals when creating your account. 

You will also receive an email with your “Total Due” & a verification email that your account has been setup. Once payment is received you will get your follow-up email letting you know your account is now active. 

By following a few simple steps below your account creation will be smooth & successful. 

1. 1st locate the Registration Icon located at the bottom right of your device & Click on it.  ->>>

2. A pop up window will appear with several options. Once your account has been created you can “Login” check other Registrations you have completed and visit your account. For now simply click on the “Registration” option. ->>>

3. Next the Registration Pop-up will be displayed & you can begin entering your information. All fields marked with an * are required fields. ->>>

4. When you get to the Section that requires you to upload your Child or Children’s Birth Certificates & Photos please remember to Name the birth certificate for each child with the Childs name so it can be easily identified. Follow the same process for the Childs photo. Each File uploader will allow multiple selections at one. ->>>

5. Next you will need to confirm all the Legal Stuff. You will be presented with 2 Check boxes that verify you have read & accepted the terms and conditions of our Code of Conduct & our Covid-19 Preparedness Document. Simply click on the links provided for each to open and read the documents. You can also print for your reference later. On this same page you will also have to Forms that “MUST” be downloaded, filled out, signed & Returned to your Childs coach or a Board member. This will be the Covid-19 Waiver & the GCU Photo Release Form. Simply download then place a check in the appropriate boxes stating you have downloaded them and you may continue to the next step. ->>>

6. Now all you have to do is Select the appropriate Payment packages. We have provided 2 examples for your reference. ->>>

7. All Done simply click on the create your account icon. It will then Temporarily place you on the login page, but you will not be able to login at this point as we are in the processes of developing our Payment portal. So offline payments will require us to receive your payment by check & we will then activate the account. But simply click the “Home” navigation menu at the top of the website and you will be returned to our Home page as a guest. ->>>

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